March 3, 2015

You Better Belize It: Ambergris Caye – Day 3

Ambergris Cay is so small that the common points of interest can be easily explored in only a few days (in my situation, 3 days are good enough). What I love about here is the preferred mode of transportation: golf carts. It is a bit pricey for a small island to rent out golf carts for $70 a day, but the fun moments of being able to drive one around a quaint, tropical is definitely worth the price tag.

When renting a golf cart, a map of the island will be provided. The map is pretty straightforward, and so are the streets and the signs. It is important to know and be aware that some of the streets- especially the ones in the main area of town, are one way. Street parking is available, but parking pretty much means getting your golf cart in any space it can fit into. Just remember not to leave any valuables in the golf cart when going somewhere because obviously, there are no doors to be locked and anybody can have access to your belongings. Ambergris Caye

Taking the golf cart North of the town center will get you to a bridge that connects to another part of the island. Make sure to find Boca del Rio Drive on the map when you get out of town for more beach bars, views of docks and the Caribbean Sea while driving to the bridge. At the end of Boca del Rio Drive, turn left and then right to arrive at the bridge. There is a $5 USD fee per person that gets collected before crossing the bridge that will get you to the other side and back.Ambergris CayeIMG_8817The area on the other side of the bridge is less crowded with tourists therefore it is ideal to just drive around and find your own dock for relaxation and quiet time. Palapa Bar and Grill is one of the reasons people go to this side of the island, so make sure to visit it for some ice cold beer and cocktails while sitting on a hut above water. IMG_8788 IMG_8795 IMG_8697 Ambergris CayeAfter driving around, end the day by taking a kayak out to the sea. There is a reef along the coast of San Pedro and from Corona del Mar Hotel, the reef is accessible by kayak. Watch out for the waves crashing out at sea to locate the coral reef- the waves signify a break in the waters caused by the shallow depth and the reef below it. Find a buoy to anchor your kayak to, jump off and have fun snorkeling! AC

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“We do not remember the days, we remember the moments.”

-Cesare Pavese



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