Hong Kong ExpressStep 1: Land in Hong Kong. The most convenient way to get from Hong Kong International Airport to Central is by Hong Kong Airport Express. Round-trip fare costs $180 HKD (around $23 USD). From Central, it is easy to connect to all the other MTR stations and taxis. Taxis are quite cheap compared to other countries. Fare starts at $20 HKD (around $2.50 USD) and usually does not go beyond $30 HKD, as long as you stay on the Hong Kong side. Taking the cab to the Kowloon side will obviously cost more.

Cheap Food in Hong KongFood in Hong Kong is delicious and most importantly cheap! It’s safe to say I was eating out every single day. 10 pieces of delicious dumplings will cost you $20 HKD. I know this photo says $26 HKD, but that’s the price if you eat it inside the restaurant. Taking it to go saves you a couple bucks. Win!

Here are some of the must-try restaurants when in Hong Kong:

Little Sheep Mongolian Hotpot. Don’t forget the All You Can Eat and All You Can Drink Special! Delicious food, delicious broth, and a fun experience! Found in Causeway Bay.Little Sheep Hot PotDin Tai Fung. Holy $#!^%^$&. The most delicious explosion in your mouth! Known for their Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings), this place is definitely where you’d wanna be. Don’t burn your tongue, and don’t tell me I didn’t tell you so! Make sure to get there when it’s not dinner or lunch time because everybody knows what’s going on in this place, and the lines are redonkulous! Best avoid them to satisfy your tummy and palate ASAP! Also found in Causeway Bay. Xia Long Bao DTF IMG_5441and last but not the least,

The Street Food. Yup. Delicious. Only for those who are brave at heart, (and has a strong stomach). But no lie, it felt like being back in the Philippines! Good thing is, street food is found everywhere in Hong Kong. This particular one in the photo is found in Ladies Market, one of the shopping areas of the island.Streetfood Hong KongBesides the food, Hong Kong would not be Hong Kong if not for the shopping. Nobody can deny that this country is in every shopaholic’s dream to visit and to do some big damages in.

Pacific Place in Admiralty is known for their haute couture shops ranging from Valentino, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Chanel and the like. The colorful streets of the Ladies Market (get off the Mongkok Station) is lined up with all the cutesy, stereotypical Asian novelty items you can only dream of. From sushi keychains to Domo pillows to Hello Kitty bedsheets, you’ll find everything here! This is where I got all the souvenirs for myself and my family. Sushi Keychains Ladies MarketLadies MarketCauseway Bay is another great location to visit when you’re in the area. This place attracts a lot of tourists because of all the dining and shopping choices in this area. The Victoria Park, Hong Kong’s Times Square and Fashion Walk are found here.

Another alternative to taxis and the MTR is taking the Hong Kong Tram. This is a very cheap and eco-friendly way to see the city. Believe it or not, the fare is only $2.30 HKD for a single ride, meaning you only spend 0.30 USD one way! Yes! Isn’t that amazing? What’s great is since it is a double-decker, you can sit on the second level and have amazing views of the city, take lots of photos and stare at everybody from up there! This is how the tram looks like (I do not own the photo below, I found it online)Double Decker HK Tramand it is found everywhere in the city. Since it is very cheap, you can just hop off when you find something awesome on the street (like a Bubble Tea store) from your birds-eye view, explore some more, and then hop on another one if you want to! Click here for the HK Tram Route map.

My suggested route is to hop on an Eastbound Tram (going to North Point, maybe?) in Central. From here you will see a lot of high-end shops,Centralpass through Admiralty where most of the Hong Kong skyscrapers are (play a guessing game and figure out which one is the very famous Bank of China),Admiraltypass through Wan Chai (for those interested, the red light district is here- time to hop off!), and make your way to Causeway Bay.Causeway Bay Times Square

Hong Kong is amazing, with lots of places to discover and of course, my favorite: lots of food to eat. It was never a dull moment every time I visited this vibrant city!

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“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world”.

-Freya Stark


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