February 20, 2014

Hong Kong 102 – Disneyland, Ocean Park & Jumbo Kingdom

I’ve been in Hong Kong so many times and I can say I stayed there from a few weeks to a few months each time. I was not a tourist but I was not a local either. Here are some of the places I first visited when I was in HK.

Hong Kong Disneyland is easy to get to because it is only 37 mins away from Central. Just take the MTR going to Tung Chung, get off Sunny Bay Station and then transfer to Disneyland Resort Station. The train going to Disneyland is actually pretty cool because it’s all decked out in Disney stuff. But honestly, if you’ve been to the other Disneys in California or Florida, this might not live up to your standards. I still had fun regardless. Also, check out their Asian-looking Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Park fee is $450 HKD (around $58 USD) for adults and $320 HKD (around $41 USD) for children.IMG_3944 Fob mickeyHK Disneyland IMG_0283HK Disney IMG_3911HK DisneylandOcean Park Hong KongI love the very big Penguin stuffed toy I got from this place! They also have cooler rides than Hong Kong Disneyland, not to mention a 1.5 km long cable car that connects one side of the mountain to the other. This made me so happy because I love being high up in the air! But of course, let’s not forget the cool animals they have there. They have an aquarium, a dark room with just different species of jellyfishies (my favorite!) and a zoo! Getting there is easy- Take the Ocean Park bus (Route 629) leaving from Admiralty MTR Station. Fare costs $10.6 HKD ($1.29 USD) One way and half off for children. The park fee is $320 HKD (around $41 USD) for adults and $160 HKD (around $20 USD) for children. It’s always fun finding reasons to feel like a kid. I believe I got to take home 9 stuffed animals (including the giant penguin!) when I was here.Cable Cars Ocean Park HKPenguin Ocean Park HKFlamingos HK ocLittle Red FoxJellyfishies Ocean Park HKJumbo Floating Restaurant. After spending the day in Ocean Park, take a 5-minute cab ride to Sham Wan Pier Drive in Aberdeen where you can take the shuttle ferries to this Floating Restaurant. We went there around dinner time so we had an amazing view of the water and the lights. The decoration is wonderful, they serve really good seafood, and the experience is something you can share with anybody! Click here for their English menu. Its a must-see place especially when you’re around Ocean Park already. Food is around the pricey range, but you’re also paying for what you see. The restaurant is so beautiful, it is hard not to be impressed with the interior. Also, I can’t stress the view enough!Jumbo Kingdom Aberdeen IMG_1083 IMG_1088 IMG_1091Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park and Jumbo Floating Restaurant are great places and would guarantee a good time for those who are young and the young at heart.

“There is a kind of magicness about going far away and then coming back all changed.”

-Kate Wiggin



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