March 14, 2014

Hong Kong 103

Yes. We crossed out the basics, we crossed out the tourist traps. We are finally on the third post about Hong Kong! (If you missed Hong Kong 101 and Hong Kong 102, click here and here).

This city, unique on it’s own: there’s no denying that I fell in love with it. So much that I decided to skip a full season just to stay there! So while I was busy trying to pretend I’m a local, here are some of the other places I visited during my stay.

Ngong Ping 360. When in Hong Kong, one should hop on the the MTR from Central to the Tung Chung Station. From here, take Exit B and walk for around 5 minutes to the Cable Car Terminal….. Yup! That’s just about to happen. You’re about to get on the Terror Machine of Death! HAH. Just kidding! The cable cars are pretty cool and you get to be in it while being suspended by very thin wire hundreds of feet above ground. But don’t worry because you are here to enjoy the scenery and the scenery alone for the next 20 minutes. Don’t forget to take photos!!! But one must wonder, where is this Machine Of Death taking me exactly? Fear not! Because on the other side is the Ngong Ping 360 Village where Hong Kong locals can fulfill their need of shopping and dining. Round-trip for the Standard Cable Car is $150 HKD (around $19 USD) for adults and $75 HKD (around $49 USD) for children. If you wanna be ballin’ out poppin bottles in the club, you can ride the glass-bottom Crystal Cabin Cable Car for $235 HKD (around $30 USD) for adults and $150 HKD (around $19) for children. You can check out and buy tickets here.

Ngong Ping 360

Hong Kong Ngong Ping 360 IMG_0035 IMG_0036 IMG_0047

Hong Kong Pia DomoTian Tan Buddha. Indulge in what the Village has to offer while making your way to the The Big Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery. Located around 5 minutes from the Ngong Ping Station, this attraction is a great place to visit because of the great size of the Buddha and the views of the hills surrounding the place.Hong Kong Big Buddha IMG_0108 IMG_0121 IMG_0130 IMG_0135 IMG_0136 IMG_0137 IMG_0142

Lan Kwai Fong. Also called “LKF”, is a street found in Central district. Very easy to get to by MTR or cab. It is lined with clubs and bars and is frequented by expats. This place gets really packed on the weekends! Here’s some insider tip: before getting super wasted in the clubs or bars, be sure to stop by one of the two 7-Eleven’s in LKF. Here, you can buy liquor, beer and all sorts of alcoholic beverages for a fraction of the price you will pay in the clubs. A bottle of alcoholic beverage from 7-Eleven is around $7-$25 HKD ($0.90-$4 USD), while a beer or a cocktail from the bars and clubs is around $60-$100 HKD ($7-$13 USD). And since drinking on the streets in totally legal in Hong Kong, you can take that 7-Eleven drink you have and walk around LKF, where the parties extend and take place on the streets! Find a good spot with your cheap drink and great music from one of the bars and you’re good to go! Also, LKF is a hill so I don’t recommend girls to wear heels, unless you want to die. Lan Kwai Fong IMG_6560 IMG_6569OZONE. Now is the time to head over to the Kowloon side to visit the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. On the 118th floor is where you will find the highest bar in the world. Yes, the whole wide world! Getting here is super easy. From the airport, you can hop on the Hong Kong Airport Express and get off the Kowloon Station. If you’re coming from Central, you can take the MTR on the Tung Chung Line and get off the Kowloon Station. From here, Exit C1/D1 will lead you to the fancy Ritz-Carlton. What I love about the Kowloon side is you can have amazing views of the Hong Kong skyline. There’s also something about being very high up that excites me. It was so high up that there was fog when I was there– I was literally drinking my cocktails in the clouds!

IMG_6859 Ozone Bar

This does not belong to me. I got this photo from the website of Ritz-Carlton website. It was night time when I was in OZONE, so I couldn’t take a good photo to show how great the interior of the bar looks like

This does not belong to me. I got this photo from the website of Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong. It was night time when I was in OZONE, so I couldn’t take a good photo to show how great the interior of the bar looks like

Victoria Peak aka “The Peak” is the highest mountain on the island. The Peak is easily accessible by cabs or bus, but I got there the traditional way. Take Exit J2 in MTR Central Station. From there, walk to Garden Road to find the Peak Tram Lower Terminus where you can purchase tickets for The Peak Tram Sky Pass. $80 HKD ($10.30 USD) for adults and $39 HKD ($5 USD) for children gives you access to the tram (round-trip) and the Sky Terrace 428 (where you can view Hong Kong from the mountain top). From here, your Peak experience begins! The tram will take you up on the mountain and will give you views of Hong Kong as you ascend to the top. Once you get to The Peak, you will be surprised by how many restaurants, spas and shops there are! I went to this place called Wonderfish Spa where they use Garra rufa, a species of fish that feed on dead skin cells. It could have been an awesome experience, but I’m very ticklish so the whole time I was there, I was just laughing my ass off. Anyway, after exploring the shops, proceed to the Sky Terrace 428 where you will be given the opportunity to have a view of Central, the other surrounding islands, and some of Hong Kong’s most expensive real estate. I went there twice- the first time when it was bright out, and the second time at night.IMG_2241 IMG_2265WonderfishIMG_6827 IMG_6777It’s been two years since the last time I was in Hong Kong, and I definitely miss this city. And finally, after 3 entries about HK, I am finally done talking about it! Well probably not because I intend on having a separate post dedicated to all the food I had there, but that will come in later. I love Hong Kong, and one day I will be back to shop for more ridiculous, novelty items and eat until I can’t no more. One thing I can guarantee you is that there’s always something for everybody here- from shopping to dining to partying to rugby to horseback riding to bubble teas and whatever else you can think of. It’s a very modern city with a great history. I definitely recommend everybody to see this place at least once in their lifetime. IMG_5418

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in an office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.”

-Jack Kerouac


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