March 20, 2014

Macau, And Everything Else That’s Flashy

Who knew the gambling capital of the world is not Las Vegas or Atlantic City? Wait, are you sure you’re reading that correct?… Yup! Most of you probably did not know that but yes, Macau is the center of it all when it comes to the gambling world. According to CNN, Macau’s gambling revenue in 2013 is $45 billion USD — 7 times more than what Vegas can put on the table. Pretty ridicurooous right? Them Chinese folks love them bling blings! $$$$$

Getting there. The size of Macau makes it super convenient to see the necessary places in only a few days. I visited Macau quite a few times and I usually only stay for a day or a whole weekend each time. You can fly into Macau International Airport if you’re coming from super far away but since I come from Hong Kong, I usually take the 55 minute ferry to get there. To get to the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal, take the MTR to Sheung Wan Station and take Exit D. TurboJet is the favorite company offering trips to and from Hong Kong-Macau.

Macau IMG_2345 IMG_2623 IMG_2645 The Portuguese ruled over Macau for more than 400 years, making it the first and last European colony of China. Until now, the very strong Portuguese influence can still be seen on the streets, the architecture of the buildings and some popular attractions like the Ruins of St. Paul and Senado Square. And guess what else? Portuguese is still the official language.  IMG_2451 IMG_2458 IMG_2497 IMG_2560

When I was there, I also jumped off the A.J. Hackett Macau Tower, the World’s Highest Commercial Bungy Jump at a distance of 233 meters (764 ft). I got a Guinness World Record Certificate because of this! One of the happiest and shakiest moments of my life!AJ Hackett MacauIMG_2381DSC_0022 DSC_0031 DSC_0037 DSC_0049AAAH! I HAD SO MUCH FUN! It was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my adult life! If pure adrenaline rush is what you are seeking and dying for then I suggest you to go ahead and do the world’s highest commercial bungy. But if jumping off sky scrapers is just not your thing, there are so many other ways you can do to entertain yourself. Head to City of Dreams for The House of Dancing Water created by Franco Dragone himself. Trust me on this and get ready to be mind blown!!! For information regarding this “spectacular extravaganza”, to purchase tickets and watch the trailerclick here.

I do not own this photo, I just found it online.

I do not own this photo, I just found it online.

And of course, you’re here to experience what Macau is actually here in our world for– gambling and indulging yourself in the Chinese Casino Empire. Catering to the taste of the most prestigious citizens of China and the world, Macau is one of those places where you can look around and think to yourself “Damn there’s so many powerful, wealthy m*&#$f*%@!$ in this world!” There’s no denying it, they love all that flash and those fanny packs. The Venetian Macao is easily the largest casino in the world! Obviously, I could not take photos inside the casino, so I only have photos of the shopping area, etc. This is how The Venetian looks like from the outside and the inside. IMG_2663IMG_2605 IMG_2611 IMG_2613And of course, one of the all-time winners on my list: Galaxy Macau. Ugh, this place is so bomb. It’s so incredible, everything on the inside shines with the intensity of an exploding star! It is totally normal to feel overwhelmed by the grandeur of this place. Everything’s flashing in your eyes, you might as well wear sunglasses when you step foot in this dreamland. But here’s the catch- that’s not my favorite part about Galaxy. ZOMG. Galaxy Macau’s Wave Pool is just about the best thing that ever happened to this place! IMG_5525 IMG_5536 IMG_5528IMG_5531IMG_7373 IMG_6673IMG_7176 IMG_7171 IMG_5515

Yes, these flyers were all over Macau. And no, they’re not concert tickets for Christina Milian or Christina Aguilera.Macau flyersAfter all this glitz and glamour, is Macau’s party scene comparable to what Vegas has to offer? The next thing I’m going to say might probably disappoint you but my answer is, I REALLY DONT KNOW. A lot of girls are dressed up and look like they’re going clubbing, only to realize that’s totally normal. I did not bother to check out the party scene, and if there was any. But personally, it does not even come close to Vegas’ standards. Vegas can keep its title and reputation for having the crazy, wildest parties. You’re not in Macau to party anyway. You’re there to experience the fusion of Portuguese and Chinese cultures, and how it affected and shaped Macau to what it is now.

Other Places To Visit And Things To Do: Go to City of Dreams and walk around and find the big crystal ball. Macau Fisherman’s Wharf to explore some man-made ruins (yup!) and play arcades at The Underground. Learn how to play Sic Bo in the casinos, bet Big and win $$$! Count how many men you see are wearing Louis Vuitton or Gucci fanny packs (a lot). Fisherman IMG_1108 IMG_1137

Getting around. The great thing about Macau is its small radius. It is easy to get from one place to another because you don’t have to go far to see tourist attractions and the big casinos. Most hotels usually offer shuttle services to and from any casinos, but if that’s not your thing, cabs are readily available. Macau’s currency is the MOP, but they also take HKD. If you give them HKD, it is normal to receive your change in MOP. The rooms in major casinos like Galaxy and The Venetian can go for at least $300 or more per night. What you can do is to find some boutique hotels with great service and atmosphere like Hotel Lan Kwai Fong, and just take the shuttles to the other casinos to spend the day in.

Special promotions, like the one Galaxy Macau has now is for $1510+ HKD ($195 USD). You can use two consecutive nights and other services with it. Click here for more details.

Click here to watch as I take over the Highest Commercial Bungy In The World!

Enjoy your stay in Macau! Have fun, be safe, and try not to lose a lot of money $$$ Thanks to the Chinese community for the fun and unforgettable Macau experience!… And one last thing, it think it’s so cool that they serve Milk Tea while you gamble your night away! #awesome

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


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